With Modesty Aforethought

The Bardot Group is not composed of geniuses, mnemonic adepts, or audiogenic memories. Its members utterly failed at decoding the Linear A and B scribes from their Minoan Age etchings of clay tablets by styluses. Many other great scholars passed us by while we were finding well-preserved tablets that were once such writ composed upon palm-sized pads of floppy, moist clay. We have also had to leave to Egyptologists their marvelous facilities to ourselves at reading hieroglyphic bas reliefs. Eventually, though, after the decoding of Linear B Oldest Greek by Michael Ventris in 1954, we caught on fast and caught up!. We enhanced his capabilities to compile a lexicon as assisted by John Chadwick until 1957. The Bardot Group became able to code by their own deft hands the underlying Oldest Greek. By 1960, we could ably simulate the prehistoric deftness of creating such writ by stylus to clay.

We have our own large trove of Linear B tablets from the Paliki Peninsula of the Ionian Island Cephalonia. We believed them a deliberate repository of writings which went back to the times of Homer’s  The Odyssey. The Bardot Sisters, later herein to be introduced properly, became highly prolific besides their decoding of that original trove of finds. They have enabled “audiogenic entablature,” because their most proficient members came to believe, contrary to most doubting scholars elsewhere, that Oldest Greeks’ entablatures, essentially recordings of myriad “consonant and vowel pairings” had once rendered songs, epics, and poems once taken down in dictation. Thereby, some of them became authentic rhapsodists of prehistorical literary compositions. They even invoked the Great Mother Muse Mnemosynë of the pre-Hellenes to further themselves at replicating a literature of a happy and outgoing culture.  Her inspiration became a legacy to me from my great-grandfather in 1963, and she remains essential to my book length idiomatic translations of Oldest Greek.

Rudolphos Rodham Bardot, Founder, 1924

Photo of Rudolphos Rodham Bardot

She seems to want my modern voice but only if it captures the wondrous proficiencies born of oldest raconteurs of our deepest pasts. By them our immersions in a mostly forgotten Idyllic Age.  This website introduces such particulars from the Bardot Group’s findings in remembrance of the many contributors our book titles. What we have learned of Greek Culture at its oldest, and about its foremost mythic personages, renders our genre as robustly biographical about them, but also as immersive lost past regions and seascapes. Our expository creations of prehistory have taken the form of serial proto-histories; by that form I introduce, moreover, a learning through robustly written entertainments, each of them book length by way of proving that the fastest learning for both pleasure and retention of oldest told realities shall eschew prose non-fiction — while putting to most studious reader minds a foremost original humankind that preceded all of us by 3300 years.

Robert B Whitney, Publisher of Bardot Books

0. Cover 1. Cephallenia 2.Taygetos Grove 3. Lakonian Horse Country 4. Olive Grove Retreat 5.High CityTiryns 6. Nauplion 7. After the Storm 8. Bay of Gournia 9. Modern Samai 10. Rhodes South Plain 11.Rhodes Island 12. Alashiya Island LABA 13. GGs passing Kos 14. Outer Passage 15. Patmos 16. Patmos Farming 17. Miletos of Karia 18.Hatti Cylinder Seals 19. Landmark Cliffs 20. Medons GGG 21. Leaving Chios 22. Rhodes Lagoon Layover 23. Leaving Bathi 24. To Windward off Pithyousa 25. Lesbos Shoals 26. Adrymittion Strait 27. Lesbos Island Chestnuts 28. Samos Poppies 29. Westway to Lemnos 30. End Figure of EO Facebook 31. HA Book Mockup 32. LABA Cephallenia 33. Boidokilia Bay 34. Mapping Postwar Long Turmoil 35. Mentor's Highlands 36. Outback Ithaca 37. The Sibyl to Laertes 38. Postulant of Themis 39. P of L Covers 40. I & P No. 1 41. I & P No. 2 42. I & P No. 3 43. Amykai Range from NE perspective 44. Amykai bef. Lak. & And. 45.Southland Perspective from NE 46. Ibex abover Gulf 47. Helens Imperium 48. Polydeukes

Framed image of the ocean