Brauron 1368 to 1365

Brauron 1368 to 1365The depiction is a flattening of the topography of East Bay Attica abd the general wetlands depression of Brauron Basin. This is also a comprehensive argument behind Skia’s entire agronomy over Brauron Sanctuary as attained at her age thirty years old. All contiguous manorial plantation commonwealths to the west of Brauron depended on her development of earthworks, because of their constant mismanagement of controlling soil management against both droughts and Inundations.

The depiction also shows that the southward projecting peninsula of Aktika was mostly sprawling cattleland under the governance of Prince Pallas and High Prince Prokris. Both of their vast holdings suffer from the ravaging Rhinderpest beginning in 1369, and still rampant in 1368 as cattle finally attained herd immunity. To the amazement of all, Skia had from 1373 to 1370 isolated Brauron’s cattle herds upon the coastal crowing hills depicted in the lower right hand quadrant of the image. Her mitigation was an earliest eradication of feral cattle by which the contagion of the Rhinderpest was spread. Thereafter she stage autumn hunts to remove any resurgence of feral carriers, including deer and wild pigs.