Brauron an International Airport

Brauron an International AirportGreece had wanted very much to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Modern Olympic Movement, begun in 1996 at Athens. While the first two Modern Olympiads were meagerly staged, Greece remains justifiably proud of the long era of her Ancient Olympiads staged always at Olympia Plain upon the Peloponnesus. It finally got its chance to become the venue for the 2004 Summer Games.

Alas, that got done at great and sad consequence for East Attica as one of prehistorical and ancient Greece’s most outstanding land reserves. Plop on top of it was constructed and laid out the Athens International Airport. The depiction afforded to that obliterating land use must astonish buffs of Antiquity. Nonetheless, I must observe that it is a very good airport despite its area allocation at the farthest east end of the north mainland Greek Peninsula.

So the only depressing comment to make is that our depiction manifests so clearly what suburban Athens has become at forfeit of its modern communities of Vravrona and Rhapthë.