Brauron Deluge of 1379

Brauron Deluge of 1379This depiction must be studied for three vast accomplishments over a six year duration of constantly positive feedback to Skia. The first accomplishment was the finalization of the levy, whereby the recession of inundations into carefully plotted meres and “wet cultivated” plantations throughout the hot and least rainy months of summer and autumn. The six years settled into a uniform low elevation verge above the bend of the levy, even as far north as the Brauron’s former borderland plantations upon the Attican MesoGaia. These had been terraced orchards beforetimes, but they’d been lost to landslides and slumping top soils of pf formerly deep tilth. This elevation was reliable for major spring harvests of winter planted crops. Accordingly, they are depicted in hues of bright green. At slightly higher elevation running northeast, croplands for cultivation of provender for livestock could be reaped for overwintering beasts of burden, a specialty of livestock husbandry for which Brauron Sanctuary became famous before 1370 BC. Below the levy, the vast gradual slope became newly and wholly settled with hamlet cvommunities for veteran tenancies. Another settlement reserve was established north of Brauron Inlet and Cove for future hamlet tenancies. Bruaron Cove became a major new port of layovers for Attican naval warships from 1372 to 1370, preliminary to a major shipworks which Cephalos affected there.

The second major accomplishment is depicted in the lower left quadrant of our satellite viewpoint above it. The levy had led to the deliberate isolation of two major sororal college plantations. Skia caused the former land depression of a V-shaped layout to levied berms along its eastern side of verges; she implemented construction phasing alike to the major levy that she had caused to be built from 1380 to 1378. This had the effect of rendering coastal interior Brauron a watershed which flowed inward the Sanctuary to supplement watershed off Mount Hymettos along the left side trimming of the depiction. Thereby a creek and sometimes channeling sluice was created to guide collected heaviest rainfall to the southwest. Many deep and shallow containment dams were built along the verges as reservoirs for late summertime irrigation – draws that were supplemented by thunderstorm downpours of late summer and early autumn months. Because the entire area required permanent man-made containments, reticulation of drainage off flood irrigated crop land became a priority, effectively a massive project all by itself to prevent swamping of deep top soil alluvia. In addition to meeting that priority, the sororal colleges began to newly terrace the skirts of Mount Hymettos — in readiness to recreate the onced extensive orchards of Olives and Figs.

The third major accomplishment affected the greatly denuded coastal woodlands of Brauron and Rhapthë Lagoons (at center to right side coastal perimeter. While the depiction appears vague, in keeping to a six years development of grasslands weaving in and out of man-made coppices of new forestry, please note of these variously colored domains in bright and deep blue-green hues that they essentially had become highly denuded old growth forest. Skia would pioneer at forestry of special woods required of best warships and merchant commerce vessels. We must commend her projects as visionary of long term bounty off man-mad e cultivation of cattle lands which harmonized with broadly shaded woodland for hardwood forestry. Such higher elevation paturage also meant the elimination of feral cattle and most wild species untamed or untamable by animal husbanders. Wholly unawares of what she was preserving – for later year exploits of her fellowships of sisters postulant and tenant laborers –, Skia waqs able to introduce a breeding program ideal to engender best bred livestock of all kinds, for seasonal rotations of species (sheep, goats, cattle and beasts of burden) unto the development of a dense and lush grasslands ecology offering full protection from predators. That would engender huge pay-offs.