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ISBN 978-0-9796303-0-9 0-9796303-0-4 460pages. A Limited Release under Library Binding is available for $75.00, remitting to 11- A Montauk Highway, Westhampton, NY 11977.

Penelope, Princess of LakoniaOur debut hardbound book release was Embassy Outbound, 2008, a first part volume of the Trojan War Advent. It’s also by way of a proposed trilogy. A shorter book of novella length has introduced Penelope: Princess of Lakonia. It's July, 2009 release offers the First Colloquy of our Hearth & Home Chronicles. Now it’s an e-Book, since July, 2013. It aims for mainstream readability through an autobiographical reconstruction of Greece's greatest epic heroine during her early childhood years - as she lived them so happily within a royal family that ruled over Lakonia upon the Peloponnesus of Greece. Our portrait of this real person of prehistory as a girl is supplemented by a booklet paperback discussion of the cultural anthropology inherent the Early Greek Mythology about her.

ISBN 978-1-4502-6355-9

ISBN 978-1-4502-6355-9: Obtainable . An e-Book is available as well, along with hardbound and softbound editions, through www.iUniverse.com, by search of the Bookstore for the main title.

We have also begun several serializations, the Colloquy of Penelopë beginning the Home and Hearth Chronicles through assistance of Mentör. Our book House Ascendant : Odysseus and his Family in the 13th Century BC is the first of Mentör’s Royal Chronicles within opera about the Ithacan League of insular navies, a series that expounds an imperial sea power over two centuries of the region Cephallenia and ending beyond the Aftermath of Trojan War.