Offering Bardot Books Title Releases

Our debut hardbound book release was Trojan War Trilogy : Embassy Outbound, 2008, a first  volume of two about the Trojan War Advent.

A shorter book of novella length has introduced Penelope: Princess of Lakonia. It is young adult fiction and personably biographical by the heroine herself. It’s July, 2009 release offered the First Colloquy of our Hearth & Home Chronicles. It became an e-Book in July, 2013.

t aims for mainstream readability through a reconstruction of Greece’s great valley region of Lakonia upon the Eurotas River. We have the voice of a greatest epic heroine immersing us into her early childhood years. She is testamentary that a very long Idyllic Age had not yet ended with the Thirteenth century BC. She lived to know a more tumultuous era, that of the Trojan War and its Aftermath of dissolution throughout early Greece. Before, however, she renders to brief book length and intimate biography of her extended royal family. It, too, was populated with famous mythic personages as equal or more famous that she was. And yet, it seems, most of our young adult readers have made clear that they have not a least recognition of any of them, because their parents, our older readers, no longer retain their any learning of Greek Mythology, whether early or classical. So, happily we afford a royal family that ruled over Lakonia as a pre-eminent kingdom of the south mainland Peloponnesus of Greece. Our portrait of real and famous young persons of famous prehistoric al genealogy is also a reading in cultural anthropology.

The book is supplemented by a booklet paperback (Inset). It offers discussions of the still formative great civilization which the recitations of Early Greek Mythology infuse in modern readers. That it was so unique makes a first march into the most challenging lifetimes of Penelope’s intimates so close to her in age.

Cover of Penelope: Princess of Lakonia

We have also begun several other serializations, the Colloquy of Penelopë have begun the Home and Hearth Chronicles. It shall have a sequel about here teenage years, when her one sister Iphthimë and several closest relatives make a march into their illustrious marriages, to wed men who shall prove of greatest conversance with contemporary royal dynasts. Penelopë also proves a clever and astute biographer of Helen, her foster cousin and the closest friend of her sister.

Our book House Ascendant : Odysseus and his Family in the 13th Century BC is the first of Mentör’s Royal Chronicles within a greater opera about the Ithacan League of the Greek far west Isles. His series expounds an imperial sea power which endured over two centuries as the region which Homer called Cephallenia. The series shall ending beyond the Aftermath of Trojan War. There are also Mentör’s Archival Chronicles about the Fourteenth century BC. Their first volume, a series of five books, is entitled Cephalos Ward of Eleusis; the last two books are impending releases very soon.

Panoply of Cephalos W of E